Michael Manning
Composer & Sound Designer



I have been working in games for the last 4 years between mainstream titles such as Transformers Universe and indie hits like MirrorMoon EP and Revenge of the Titans. I have a genuine love for games and remain eager to find new and interesting ways of contributing to the rapidly evolving artform. Having both a music and sound background, I feel that my cross-disciplinary approach to game audio can provide interesting solutions to creative problems.

Game design is also one of my hobbies and is something that feeds back into my audio work, giving me a better understanding of what constitutes a game overall. To see some of my weekend game projects go to my blog at www.crudepixel.com

Caspian Prince, Puppy Games

“Michael was absolutely excellent to work with making sound effects on our worldwide hit Revenge of the Titans. Can’t wait to work with him again on our next title.


Richard Barrett, Y&R (audio for TV / advertising work)

“Micheal’s worked for us on a range of projects and always comes up with solutions that far exceed our expectations. Professional, dedicated, always on time and a great musician!”


Beatportal Review of my debut LP, Public

 ”…his debut album ‘Public’ (on Ai Records) defies his age. The LP is full of emotive beauty, innate feelings and enchanting rhythms – quite how someone so young could come up with something so profound is staggering and reiterates Manning’s genius. ‘Public’ is Beatportal’s Album of the Week.”

Transformers Universe
Revenge of the Titans
MirrorMoon EP
Rogue System
Aurora Wager