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Rogue System Umbilical Docking Sequence

Gameplay footage of me docking. It’s pretty difficult, am sure others will be able to do it in half the time! This video serves to demonstrate the audio involved with various types of thrust and the communication / sensory audio feedback related to docking.

This is work in progress! Not final!

Radiolab: Fu-Go


A piece of my music was used in this great telling of a little known attack on America during World War II created by Radiolab. My track Save was used from 19 minutes in.

Volo Airsport Audio Test

Test of new Wingsuit audio for Volo Airsport. This is in my own dev environment and is missing graphical details from the main game.

The Wingsuit is made up of 6 different events in Fmod Studio, 3 wing events which simulate fabric, 1 torso event which gives a consistent positional wind sound sound, a player-only 2D ear distortion event and a ground proximity one. Each event modulates layers of audio based on 360 degree angle of attack and airspeed parameters. I think together they provide a solid building block to work from.

Unfortunately a lot of the high-frequency character is lost in the video compression.

Rogue System Pre-Alpha Engine Audio Tour

Brief video to show EARLY work-in-progress engine audio for the upcoming space flight / combat simulator Rogue System.

Please excuse the odd pop / click, my video software adds them in randomly when rendering, it sucks.

2014 Music & Sound Reel

Here’s the major projects I’ve worked on in 2014.

Block n Load – Wwise. Jagex Games Studio.
Transformers Universe – Fabric. Jagex Games Studio
Rogue System – FMod Studio. DCI
Volo Airsport – Unity. Ramjet Anvil
Fotonica – Unity. Santa Ragione